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South City Hospital’s success is based on its formula of bringing together a consortium of medical specialists and providing medical care the way it should be. Our practices are standardized, whether it is a procedure in the operating room or nursing care. Our team is credentialed and our staff is trained according to international SOPs and guidelines to ensure that the system works along those benchmarks of quality instead of us creating our own. We endeavor to provide a range of billing options for patients which range from low cost to the VIP. We want our patients to be well-informed, be provided personalized care and an environment that makes their stay with us pleasant. We are especially proud of our varied Critical Care Units – the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, the Step-Down Unit, the High Dependency Unit, the Surgical ICU and the Medical ICU. We believe that critical care is a grey area in our country and we want to expand and elaborate on it. SCH is also prioritizing high quality nursing care and uniquely provides one-to-one nursing, especially in our critical care areas. Other hospitals maintain a standard of 1:4 or one nurse for four patients. At SCH we are investing in the training of our nurses. There is a shortage of nurses globally, not just in Pakistan, and we believe that if we provide this profession the respect it deserves and the proper profile, we all benefit in the long run because actual patient care is delivered by the nurses. In addition to these areas of focus, we believe that cost-effective and safe care for patients is South City Hospital’s core strength. It achieves this by focusing on ensuring that patients and their families are treated in a clean environment where international safety standards are adhered to.


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