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Certified Clinical Dietitian with a demonstrated History of working in the Hospital & Health Care Industry, Food Industry. Skilled in Medical Nutrition Therapy, Pediatrics, and Diabetes, Emergency Nutrition (ICU and CCU). Highly skilled in processing Customized diet plans and every single Diet Plan is made on the basis of Gender, Weight, Height, IBW, BMI, BMR, Physical Activity, Daily Caloric Intake, Fitness Purposes Diseased/Medical terms and conditions like Weight Gain, Weight loss, PCOS, DIABETES, Hypo/hyperglycemia, diabetic foot, gangrene, THYROID Issues, Hypertension, Hormonal Imbalance, Pregnant or Lactating mothers, Stress Management, Workout plans, Fitness plans, Keto-Diet, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, asthma, arthritis( bone disorders) , low or high Blood pressure, bronchitis, cancer, tumor, HIV, diabetes, depression, CVD’s, hair problems, skin issues(acne,scars,pimples etc) , hormonal imbalance, hepatitis(A,B,C), numbness of body, piles, stroke, paralysis, urinary tract infections(kidney stones), liver cirrhosis, general weakness, sexual weakness, gynecological issues, breast cancer, stomach issues, ulcers, psoriases, and any kind of intoxicants, glaucoma/night blindness, etc. With better solution from result oriented Diet Therapies, Food Supplements, nutraceuticals, Organic products (chemical/steroid free) without any kind of side effects.

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